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What we do

MOVIN is a progressive beverage export agency specialized in sustainable Central and Eastern European wines and beverages.

MOVIN delivers digital, global and professional wine export consulting, adaptive search and end-to-end sales support services based on authentic, local and professional insights.

WE are professional B2B agents and consultants of any size of beverage sellers ranging from supermarkets chains to small scale specialty shops and restaurants.

WE offer consulting services for beverage producers to achieve better results in the promotion of their products and reach different export markets.

WE are proud to be a women powered enterprise with all the advantage of sensibility, creativity, professionalism and supportive business attitude.
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How we do it

WE have built our B2B Marketplace with the aim of providing an excellent selling and buying experience in the world of digitalization. It opens windows to niche and less accessible producing regions with remarkable and great potential products while bringing closer markets of great interest.

OUR solution offers a professional platform for brands to be more visible on the beverage export markets and provides opportunity for beverage buyers to select and filter a product database with a great variation of attributes.

THE automated quotations are excellent indications to shape our client intakes, while our adaptive search methodology supports in finding the best match output and alternative solutions. The Marketplace and our services are suitable for any size of beverage seller and their purchasing decisions ranging from large retailers to HoReCa actors.

THE Marketplace offers a sustainable way of purchasing wine. Less or zero travel is required, we work with sustainable products, we foster sustainable and environmental friendly logistics solutions.

MOVIN offers 360° sales support, professional services, logistics solutions as an extension to the Marketplace in order to foster the market success of our partner brands as well as our trusted clients.
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Wine Export Consulting

Our B2B Marketplace offers a great opportunity to beverage buyers to select and find best match products for the purchase. On the other hand it is a great tool for producers to expose their brand and products to the export market scene. However in case you require a more complex business solution we offer tailor-made consulting services regarding business portfolio, export markets, sustainability, consumer research,professional tastings, business improvement or business transformation and many more.

Go to Market, Commercial and Brand Strategy

Upon our global experience of wine and beverage export we help you to build an effective strategy specialized to the markets you are operating in. Furthermore we reshape your brand to be more successful on your markets or to be launched on new ones. We can help to create perfect products tailored for vivid market trends.

Education, Trade Communication and Content Creation

We are WSET certified educators and awarded professional tasters specialized in Central European niche categories. Hire us to educate your customers, business partners and future prospects to better appreciate your wines. We help you to create high quality trade specialized and educational media content.

Zero and Low Alcohol Products

Stepping into the Nolo market is a huge opportunity for any brand. The market is booming like a rocket ship. However product launch requires a sound planning in viticulture, vinification, technology, sales and production sustainability. We help you to create your strategy and actions in order to launch a successful and cost-effective product.

Meet the team

In an ideal scenario our client knows what type of products are in demand and we recommend selected products based with great value, but in case you don’t have a clear idea we are here to help you find the most suitable wine styles for your market and customers.
Zsófia Krasznai
Co-Owner, Dip.WSET,
Certified Educator
The wine-passionate founder of the company. She is dedicated to professional services and customer experience.
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Meet the team

We are dedicated to creating great buying experiences and we are doing business with the aim of bringing satisfaction to our clients as well as our partners.
Rita Tóth
Co-Owner, Dip.WSET,
Certified Educator
The global engine and founder of the company. She is focusing on the international business network and Asian services.
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