MoVIN Wine Consulting Agency Ltd. acts as an independent Trading Agent on behalf of and in the interest of different cellars and wine-growers, wine firms, beverage producers as principals. In case of contacting MOVIN Client shall undertake to accept MOVIN as exclusive single point of conatct to these entities.

The Clients undertake to handle all data, information and facts as might become known to them under this Catalogue or any further communication as strictly confidential and as trade secret and not to disclose them to or to make them accessible by any third party (be it either a business organization or a private or a natural person). Such undertaking shall cover, in particular, the terms and conditions of contract, prices, times of delivery and any information related to sales and considered significant.

All prices are exworks (without delivery). At first time delivery of 100% prepayment is required, any further delivery payment is upon agreement.

Exworks price information is only an indication of a product price and referring to industry standard minimum order quantities (palettes and above). In case of smaller ordering quantities price will be defined individually. Final exworks deal prices will be defined and confirmed in the quotation process.

MOVIN reserves the right to update information about prices, available quantities and vintage until a placed order.